Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just a dream

going to start my dance lesson next monday. everything is going to go back to normal very soon. stopped for 2 months. i bet you are not surprise because i always did that. alright i fell so bad. im thinking of joining yoga class as to improve my flexibility. anyone? hope i can feel satisfied after i watched my own dance videos in the future, but not disapponted on myself.

spm results is going to revealed within a few weeks, which probably is on the 14th of March. well i must say im very nervous cause im not much of a study person after i came into secondary school. teenager stage is always a bad stain for every person am i right? duh. but the problem now is that im confused whether to study at Segi College or FTMS, for my business administration. your suggestion?

i seriously hope that i can dance impressively and earn excessively for my living in the future. these 2 are really my big big dream.

lastly hope you peeps enjoy this song, 'Just a dream' by Joseph Vincent and Jason Chen.


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