Monday, March 28, 2011


Street Shock had a continuously 3-days-performances from 26th to 28th. All of the same occasion, SUPP dinner stuff. so we did the same routine. nothing much to say. just that i think i danced better on the second day out of those three. so yea picxy time.

the girls

and the boys

the last two photos were taken by KenLai. More photos will be uploaded in his facebook page. so stay tune.

by the way, show your support for Street Shock Dance Studio by liking our page in facebook. thank you :)


p/s: 1 more competition this coming Sunday. 1 more showcase on 16th of April which is the Flipflop's rave party. wee excited!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Im on my way

to a better future :) i was pissed when i got my results yesterday. 2 subs which totally ruined everythings. only 2 damn it. now then i know, the better u think the particular ones are going to be, the worser they are.

and of course, im not fine at all. i cried for that. cause i know i deserve to get better for that 2. dad asked me to go appeal. but 1 sub cost RM50. he said its nothing. but i refused at last. cause i know even if i got it at last, im already half way studying in the college, useless anymore. therefore as a good daughter, i don let him  waste.

well i need time to recover. hopefully there will be no more people asking me bout it. well if you think its very bad, its not actually. only that i dint get what i expected. hubby and his mummy said dont give myself too much stress, its very good enough :) how cheerful.

i know which path im going to take and i will work real hard for it. cause i have a dream which im not going to tell until ive achieved it. going to register for foundation in commerce at Segi College this coming Saturday. inform me if you are going to study there. we might be classmates ;)

pretty busy these weeks. part time jobs and dance performances together with a competition are killing me. 3 days performances continuously this weekend. competition on 3rd of April at Kenyalang Theatre. remember go support! another performance on 16th of April at Flipflop Beach Carnival's rave party. Excited for the last one!

and then dad promised to buy me a bb 9780 tomorrow. but i changed to this sunday cause i have a meeting tomorrow. how sad. but the good thing is i have more time to hunt for a white one :D you know what, i have a perfect family. i love my family members and the boyfriend. all of them.

there are some aims for this year.
1. get a new bb
2. dye and perm my hair again, its terrible now
3. deco my camera and get 'her' a new casing
4. get a fujifilm instanx mini 7s in white
5. a photoshot since im 18 this year
6. get comfortable in my new study life and meet new friends
7. satisfied with my flexibility, its now getting better and better. happy max!
8. learn nail art from a talented girl ;) and make it a freelance career.
9. set up a blogshop. this may be postponed to the end of this year or even next year.

nothing else i guess.

thats all from me. off to bomoi. have a nice day all my sweet hearts.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I cut my hair!

Going to perm and dye it again next month :)


p/s: Btw who wants the nerdy spec im wearing at the right picture? Bought in KL as well. Selling off at RM15. Ori price.

KL Getto

Hey peeps, since i never get all the photos taken in kl, so i decided to upload all the getto instead :)

Sembonia wallet from hubby

Suspender tights from Topshop, Leggings from Parkson

2 Bags

A pair of shoes only

Tops and dresses



Left from Blueberry at Bangsar for mummy, Right for sis

Hairband and watch for little sis

and lastly, a cow for handsome boy (my dog)

Thats all. nothing for dad :X


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just a dream

going to start my dance lesson next monday. everything is going to go back to normal very soon. stopped for 2 months. i bet you are not surprise because i always did that. alright i fell so bad. im thinking of joining yoga class as to improve my flexibility. anyone? hope i can feel satisfied after i watched my own dance videos in the future, but not disapponted on myself.

spm results is going to revealed within a few weeks, which probably is on the 14th of March. well i must say im very nervous cause im not much of a study person after i came into secondary school. teenager stage is always a bad stain for every person am i right? duh. but the problem now is that im confused whether to study at Segi College or FTMS, for my business administration. your suggestion?

i seriously hope that i can dance impressively and earn excessively for my living in the future. these 2 are really my big big dream.

lastly hope you peeps enjoy this song, 'Just a dream' by Joseph Vincent and Jason Chen.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Im back!

I am finally back from my one-week-kl-trip with the hubby and friends. it was a great one i enjoyed it a lot. shop for days and i am officially dried up. luckily there is still part time jobs awaiting this coming weekend. phew~ gonna update a short post about this little trip once i get all the photos even though it was just kl. lol. or else i will have a dusty diary again. so stay tune ;)

this was when we were at Tattoo Family :)