Friday, December 30, 2011

Before 2011 ends

look at Mr.pimple! he was there since Christmas eve! counting down together with me T___T

guess this should probably be my last post for 2011. hmm such a wonderful year. cherish and never complain since we are still breathing and reading this post healthily. thanks for everything i had and experienced.

finally graduated from the freaking 5 years secondary school life, excitedly entered my first year in college, met new friends, been so hardworking to get all A's, hey at least im not that hardworking in secondary school :P the birth of Vanity, and us getting to more and more exposure, all members so hardworking practicing for all the showcases and competition. hubby finally got his desirably interior deco job which is actually what he is currently studying. having an extinct kind of boss that treats him super good that sometimes i do get jealous -.- family all safe and healthy. i have nothing else to ask for :)

and for all those other remaining wants, i dont pray to have it but i can work hard to get it myself :D however, im still looking forward for a better next year. hope i can do well in my remain subjects in foundation and enter my degree happily.

well thats all for now.
xoxo hugs.

p/s: going Damai with hubby and dancemates tomorrow. rejected a show and going to countdown there. huhu cant wait xD

Friday, December 23, 2011

50s' Pin-up Photo-shoot

im so into pin-up fashion and stuffs cause i find it so uniquely beautiful. however pin-up costumes are all equally expensive. and i can hardly find them in the market as well. especially this mini city. remember i mentioned i had a photo-shoot awhile ago? and yes it a series of 50s' pin-up theme photos. my photographer is a lovely girl, Munie, whom is also one of Vanity members :)


its so much comfortable to have a female photographer compared to a male ones. cause girl and girl, we can discuss what kind of pin-up posing we can do, search for the costumes, lend me stuffs for the shoots and also give me guidance for the make-up needed to be applied for the theme.

i grew taller that day wtf. wore Munie's sister's super-awesome red wedges. im so in love with it but its not mine T___T been hunting for this kind of pin-up wedges since forever but like seriously. where are you all hiding!? i also put on chilli red lipstick to suit the theme and Munie's mum curled my hair for me :D

oh and the venue is Kilkenny restaurant. got the owner's permission and he is so friendly. we did not spend a single cent there. and used up every corners of the restaurant.

Munie even bring a vintage telephone to Kilkenny :')

the white top im wearing that day is actually a long ones. so i looked super awkward with that weird belly when i tunked it into my skirt. oh and not to forget the vintage luggage and straw hats belong to Munie's family as well :P

i actually smoked! lol. cant stand it and feel like choking to death that time :S but the smoke in the photo is not obvious so Munie has to edit in some.

waaa so ke si.









i did the polka dots nails myself haha proud!

i can fit in the luggage. #dreaming




guess i'll just stop here. not going to post all of them :P will have 2 more shoots to go with Munie. different themes. cant wait cause hubby will join for the following shoots. hehe.

thats all for now :D xoxo.

p/s: if you are interested to have Munie to be your photographer, i can help in contacting her :)

Monday, December 19, 2011


hey guys, been really busy recently with dance practices and showcases. neglecting my blog as i always do. so now i'll do a summary of these massive updates aite ;)

got my new baby last Saturday, her name is BabyPhin. if you know what it is.

and of course, i signed up with digi. love their iphone plan. i chose iDiGi88, the 1GB quota ones, only have to pay RM60 per month for the unlimited data plan which come along with free calls, sms and mms. bought a baby pink casing for BabyPhin @ one jaya. i think i will just buy the following casings online :P

apart from that, did manicure myself. its leopard prints! its super easy. only 3 steps and you are done with salon-like manicure xD

1. Apply base coat(its ok if you skip this) and any nail colour you prefer.
2. Add on the leopard prints with another nail colour.
3. Line up the prints with preferably black colour.

this is the final results :) took awhile ago. think im going to remove it soon.

next are some of Vanity's photos taken during our showcases.

this is Biker's Night @ Hilton Senso

is that a Harley Davidson? i only know it starts with a 'H'. People said i gained weight! zomg.

next is Street Shock back-up dance for Astro @ Premier101. unfortunately it was raining that night.

Vanity and Shark Gangz from Street Shock

Kim. its our second time as his back-up dancers. the first time was at this year's Kuching Fest.


we missed out taking photo with another female singer whos name is Miko. and also when Vanity is in another costume.

well, Vanity Crew will be performing at The Spring this coming Saturday for the Christmas Countdown. So make sure people who wanna catch us live don miss it ;) different routines btw!

loves. xoxo.

Saturday, December 10, 2011 Kuching Birthday Invasion

the stage that night was amazing. love it. this was taken during our rehearsal one day before.

We did the same routine as the Borneo Street Dance Comp. but we did change the positioning since all 7 members can join the showcase this time :) check out our video here!

thats all for now. i left straight away after our performance. dinner with cousins who came from Brunei. Anyway, it was an amazing showcase i can say. till then. xoxo.

p/s: deleted my chatbox!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Borneo Street Dance Comp & BreakFree Youth Fest

wow thats a really long title! lets do the Borneo Street Dance Comp first! :D

its held on the 13th of November, 2011 at The Spring. its my dad birthday that day. had an pre celebration with him not only because of my dance comp, but he was also travelling at Vietnam too that time :P

this was the set up for the stage. nice Christmas theme. the only thing is that its round! gosh. mentioned in the previous preview post, I dont like round stage!

photos i copied from facebook. please dont mind :P

and this is our group! Lightning x Vanity Crew! do you know which one is me? :P 
Lightning x Vanity Crew is a complement of 2 different crews, Lightning Crew and Vanity Crew. And so fortunately, we are now grouped in to one. the 2 girls from Lightning joined us, "Vanity Crew" :D

look at the crowd! shit this is it man!

we need more of these big events in Kuching. but seriously, with more proficient judges please. thank god look at Battleground thats held in KL!

the intro part. we just walked up the stage and waved to the crowd. we did practise for the few seconds intro routine but its starts at the opposite side of the stage. so yea. lol

me and munie had a little accident here. haha

so this is part of the photos taken by others during our performance. our routine is a combination of 4 mini routines :) first from cute and innocent, to street jazz, and finally to powerful plus sexy. we added wacking, krump, street jazz and hiphop in them :)

more of our photos in my facebook :)

to catch up with our video on the comp, click here.

and to show your support to us, please like our pages in facebook. thanks :)

Vanity's page was just created 2 days before. like and love us! if you are interested to join Street Shock dance classes or to invite us to showcases, do not hesitate to contact us 

behind the screen :) practicing at the studio.

thats all for Borneo Street Dance Comp. we girls will practise harder to show what we have and what girls power is. Street dance is not only for guy, but also not slut dance for girls. man tired of repeating this. we can do sexy dance but we will also have our own attitude in it! this is Vanity!

im lazy to write for BreakFree Youth Fest dy :P haha.

its last night and was held at Civic Centre. dont really know the purpose of that event :P the stage is super duper small. dont understand why its that small when they know that they are inviting people to dance.

we did the same routine. only that Munie was replaced by Teresa because it was her birthday yesterday. couldnt make it for the showcase :)

backstage waiting for our turn to perform. the show was delayed for about an hour -.-

thats me and cherry!

2nd round, went club after the show to celebrate Vanity's member, Munie's 20th bday :) my lesson after the club, need to pratise more on freestyle! im so grateful to have all these people in my life. and also the hubby who always accompany me even though he was exhausted after work :X btw he danced at the club last night! haha love it~


mr.hubby did some stretching! haha

while waiting for the others to arrive :D

oh and its Munie the birthday girl xD

Cherry, Munie, Teresa, Candy and me! i stole all the spotlight! haha

teresa and me :D

us together with the birthday girl, Munie! cherry is gone :/

thats all. hope you enjoy the post and also viewing all the photos. xoxo :)