Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sexy Seventeen Part I

Time flies. as if i just went into secondary life yesterday but im done with the spm now. i really hope everything will slow down these coming years. i seriously dont wanna grow old that fast haha. well as i promised, this post is going to be my 17th birthday celebration post. am actually going out with my bestie for shopping spree but canceled at last. dance rehearsal for coming competition rescheduled. duh~

right this is going to be quite a long post but i will shorten it or else you might get asleep. went After Four with family on the 31st of Oct. we had a very simple dinner and thats all for that night.

cake cutting and candles blowing stuffs right before i went out to celebrate with the boyfriend on 2nd of Nov.

Handsome was so excited that night, espcially when they sang birthday song for me. and he was waiting patiently for his cake.

Hang out with besties on the 29th of Oct. Had our lunch at Frenz N Family.

joseph just cant help busying with his new bb.

my spegetti. cant really recall back what type was is. probably seafood spegetti yum!

fuisun recommended chocolate lava and it was great.

covered up everything in just a short while.

went one jaya which is just next to our building for present choosing time. hehe

three of ur girls bought quite lotsa stuffs there. i love one jaya. i have no idea. i just love it.

went kbox after that.

woots my hair is long now! happiee~

thats all with friends and family.

celebrated with hubby right on the 2nd of Nov at Carvery. that place was introduced and recommended by the boyfriend.

Carvery is really a great and comfortable place for a perfect duet dinner. giggles* It provides both Ala Carte and Buffet. We had buffet for RM48 each person. The special thing there is that they have their waiter serving all 14 types of meats to your table one by one to try on. after all those 14 types are served, u can request for the particular one u love and just eat until u burst.

they also have light mean bar and salad bar especially for those who can really take a lot of food. we only had a little salad and healthy tomatos thats all. a bit will do cause i still need spaces for the coming meats!

not to forget Baguette as well. and butter of course. it has became my new favourite food even though it is just a very simple bread.

and then they started serving us our 14 types of meat. i cant recall them one by one of course.

i have to admit that their service is really great. and i cant help loving the unique way they deliver the meat.

till then. xoxo

To be continue...

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