Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sexy Seventeen Part II

as i promised, this post is going to be the presiee post. and i will just let the pictures talk first.

masks and earrings from brenda

panty from ying qi

eyeshadow from wei xing

bag from joseph and shin hau

nu bra from teresa

dress from fui sun

ang paos from parents and sister

and lastly, liz lisa blossom blouse from hubby baby which was reviewed by angelababy in japan. from minimaos :) this is the one i mentioned which has not arrive my place yet. it takes 2 weeks to restock. but worth waiting. will upload the photo with me wearing it when it arrives.

more pictures of angelababy wearing it:

thats all. xoxo


  1. wow, love everything that you got xD i love liz lisa stuff, it looks so summary and cute =D