Monday, December 6, 2010

Sayonara freakin SPM

hey peeps, im back! from that blardy spm wtf. i was like a zombie during exam weeks. bad hair day everyday, panda eyes, bad skin, pimples popping, no dressing up shopping and stuffs. and i forbid myself to access facebook too. at first no peepo believe i can stand for like maybe 2 or 3 days? but they are all wrong. muahaha. i dint play for 2 weeks. and yes, its bloody hell 2 WEEKS! lol.

ive got so a lot to update in my dusty diary here. about dance, trips, shopping, plans after exam and so on. caught up with my favourite blogger's posts last night. 'tempting'. gonna shop like i never shop before! grrrrr. me and my bestie plans our schedule dy. before spm even started zz. gym, yoga class blablabla. gonna have a suprise for you guys soon. smile*

continued my dance class this month. going to take part in a dance competition on the first of January 2011. wootss excited max.

right im going out soon. till then. xoxo.

p/s: will update bout my birthday post soon.

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