Wednesday, December 29, 2010

All in one

Gonna squeeze all the thin and thicks happening recently here. went SG during 23rd to 27th Dec. celebrated christmas there. all i can conclude is that im really in love with SG, like seriously. shopping spree was awesome. as well as the nightlife. the people. but not the food >< bought not really a lot of stuffs, but spent hell lot. thanks to both my new sneakers and G-shock watch :) but im in love with them ♥

still got those small small things like keychains, accessories, badgets. some of them are from zoo and universal studio. no picture taken opsy.

see the slippers at the back? i mean in the third photo. its the christmas gift for the boyfriend. we saw it in an oversea online boutique last time. dint manage to buy it that time because do not know how to do the payment and stuffs. so its a suprise for him this time xD it has special design which i think is their local brand there. and and do you love my sneakers? i know you do :)

and i dyed my hair there in SG too :D platinum beige by liese bubble hair colour ♥

you might not be able to see the difference here but in real person. greet me when you meet me :D

and i have done the 7th time of my driving lesson. no idea how many more to go. but everything was good. die fire once. haiz. cannot break record liao. but im uite confident with myself. sifu said my exam is going to held on 17th of Jan next year. few more weeks to go. hope everything will be great.

well im broken. need job immediately. probably going to be a promoter with my friend at spring for some roadshow on the 31st of Dec to 2nd of Jan. 10am to 10pm. must be tiring to the maximum. but no choice. needa earn for the coming kl trip. and and, on the 31st after work, still have to go for new year countdown. what a superwoman i am!

going to end this post soon. before ending, a review for zhens-preloved. its updated! go and grab your favourite piece now! :)

so thats all for now. cant wait for my clothes to arrive!!

till then. xoxo.

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