Saturday, December 11, 2010

2010 Xmas

its december now and christmas is just around the corner. i have totally no idea what to give to the boyfriend. im thinking of giving him a suprise as i am not around during christmas. probably a suprise present to his doorstep on 25th with someone's help or something.

well if you are wondering where im going on christmas. its Singapore. yea. 5days 4nights trips with mummy and little sis together with mum's colleagues. its a company trip. if you are in SG too on the 23rd till the 25th, tell me so we might go shopping together. haha

by the way, do you notice any difference in my diary? its the header. added a christmas theme header few days ago. its cute and pretty i think. pink and snowy white colour. perfect match. will left it there until 25th :)

erm, just a little update. got nothing else to tell. till the next time then.


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