Sunday, October 10, 2010

Check list after SPM

i cant believe im doing this >< dreaming all about what im going to do after my spm while im still not yet done even with my mock. lol

1. get my hair dyed. (together with mr.boyfriend) we are going to dye the same colour. teehee ♥
2. eyebrow trimmed
3. nail art
4. shop like i never shop before
5. hunt for high dunk kicks in SG during my christmas trip with mummy and little sis
6. oh ya get my driving lesson and lisence both done!
7. and its time to find some part time job
8. save money for the next trip to KL with hubb n friends
9. headache for what course to take for college on march
10. get to know new friends and there my new life starts ♥

yeah i know im lame. haha. aite thats all for now.


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