Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bits and Pieces II

Actually i wrote this post 2 days ago. but i dint notice that the windows im writing was disconnected or something and everything just went poof! gone when i published. and then i was shocked to see my new post with empty content == lol

so, i will have to recall whatever i wrote that time. but definitely will be lesser. i mentioned that it is SPM mock right now and im still here writing this useless post. yea. you can see how lazy im. besides, im kinda depressed on myself lately. its about dance, again is it?

i went early to my dance class last saturday because i was absent from my tuition. and that is why i manage to went early and join the warm up exercise on time. but unfortunately im not as flexible as i used to be. that is really a sad thing to me. and im having inner pain or whatever until now.

besides, i also did not feel well that night and i had no idea what happened. my face turned so pale and i went out of energy. but i still managed to hold on until the class ended. and yea, two sad things.

how am i gonna do well if i let these useless stuffs continue!? gah! i just cant let this continue. and so, im planning for gym right after my SPM. luckily there are friends who want to join and accompany me. hees.

well, thats all. off to bed and revision at starbucks tomorrow.


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