Thursday, October 28, 2010

27102010 Graduation Day

That was our school graduation and prize giving day and we were asked to perform for the very first time. But also the very last time. i was suppose to upload the video in facebook but it need me 4 hours to complete the whole process so i ended giving up. lol. but sure will upload it somehow. yea.

the girls

the team

once i uploaded the video. i will also upload it here so stay tune.


p/s: I received my Puffy Lab tee days ago. wore it to my tuition just now. will upload the photos soon as it was being requested by Puffy Lab :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Check list after SPM

i cant believe im doing this >< dreaming all about what im going to do after my spm while im still not yet done even with my mock. lol

1. get my hair dyed. (together with mr.boyfriend) we are going to dye the same colour. teehee ♥
2. eyebrow trimmed
3. nail art
4. shop like i never shop before
5. hunt for high dunk kicks in SG during my christmas trip with mummy and little sis
6. oh ya get my driving lesson and lisence both done!
7. and its time to find some part time job
8. save money for the next trip to KL with hubb n friends
9. headache for what course to take for college on march
10. get to know new friends and there my new life starts ♥

yeah i know im lame. haha. aite thats all for now.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Group Photo

Here is the group photo of shark gangz, vanity crew and alienz which was taken by Micklong.

spot me? well if you are wondering who alienz is? its me, eugenie and anna. lolol. well it was eugenie's idea and it was just for fun actually. because we dont break and we do not belongs to either of them so yea. haha. but i miss power moves, seriously T.T well stay tune for my single shot which is still with Mick. will update it here once i received it :)


Friday, October 8, 2010

Puffy Lab is Love

Hey peeps! Have you heard of Puffy Lab? Saw it in Veron blog few days ago and im going to share about it because it seems to be an awesome new 'Puffy' ♥

Puffy Lab does not sell puffy. But local designers' tees. And if you are designers, you can try your luck and submit your design to and earn up to RM500!

Besides, Puffy Lab is also launching an event where peepo who sign up can get to win a FREE launch tee worth RM45. Invites your friends too!

15 invites get you a Awesome Red launch tee

50 invites get you a Ocean Blue launch tee and VIP status (5% discount off on items for 6months) 

250 invites get you a Ocean Blue launch tee and SVIP status (10% discount off on items for 6months) 

For most invites, you are entitled to win an Ultimate Mystery! 
Top referrer on the Leaderboard + 1extra selling tee + SVIP status for 6months (how it look like,try to get it then) 

So no more waiting and sign up now!

♥ Sign up here
♥ Join Puffy Lab facebook fan page
♥ Promote it to everyone through facebook, twitter and blog!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bits and Pieces II

Actually i wrote this post 2 days ago. but i dint notice that the windows im writing was disconnected or something and everything just went poof! gone when i published. and then i was shocked to see my new post with empty content == lol

so, i will have to recall whatever i wrote that time. but definitely will be lesser. i mentioned that it is SPM mock right now and im still here writing this useless post. yea. you can see how lazy im. besides, im kinda depressed on myself lately. its about dance, again is it?

i went early to my dance class last saturday because i was absent from my tuition. and that is why i manage to went early and join the warm up exercise on time. but unfortunately im not as flexible as i used to be. that is really a sad thing to me. and im having inner pain or whatever until now.

besides, i also did not feel well that night and i had no idea what happened. my face turned so pale and i went out of energy. but i still managed to hold on until the class ended. and yea, two sad things.

how am i gonna do well if i let these useless stuffs continue!? gah! i just cant let this continue. and so, im planning for gym right after my SPM. luckily there are friends who want to join and accompany me. hees.

well, thats all. off to bed and revision at starbucks tomorrow.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bio-essence Freebie

Go and grab your Nourishing Sleeping Mask FREE sample right now because it only last for 3 days only which is from the 1st of Oct until the 3rd.

No more waiting. Complete the form and submit and that is all you need to do :D

xoxo :)