Tuesday, September 14, 2010

They are here ♥

Ladies, your can can hat is here! hees. kindly contact me about how you would like to get it from me kay.

Besides can can hats, i ordered myself these as well ♥

and im loving it. teehee.

by the way, i bought a new pair of lens again from Starz lens. Their lens are all ready stocks with affordable prices. normally rated between RM20+ to RM30+. That is why i love buying lens there :) besides, I saw some other online lens shops selling lens at expensive prices like RM 40+ to RM50+. and yet their stocks are all pre-order. LOL. so girls, better dont make the wrong decision unless their lens are way too unique that you cant find it anywhere else besides their place.

the one im wearing is Puffy 3 tones in brown colour. hope this article is helpful for you to find a suitable lens shop.

kay that is all from me. xoxo.

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