Sunday, August 29, 2010

Who wants to buy vivi can can hat?

Updated (order closed):
1. Anna - Milky White PAID
2. Brenda- Milky White PAID
3. Yeo Siang Hui - Milky White PAID 
4. Fang Ting - Milky White PAID
5. Jerwin - Khaki PAID
               - Brown
6. Irene Soh - Milky White PAID
7. Keryn - Khaki PAID
8. Sharon - Milky White PAID

im buying it which has a closing date on the 1st of September. so i think maybe some of you are interested in it but do not know where to buy or the place you saw it was selling at expensive prices and stuffs. and so, im so kind to help those who are interested to take order as well.

Selling price: RM20 only (including postage all the way from oversea)

It comes in 3 colours. Coffee, Khaki and Milky White. im taking milky white so how bout you? contact me at in facebook cause i will check my facebook from time to time. for people who has my phone number, do give me a text or call. you will be getting it probably around 1 or 2 weeks time. thanks.

Girls, if you are thinking to order, do it fast cause you have to tell me before 31st of August, so everything will not be in a mess.


Step Up Series

and yes. this post is all about step up series and my dance influences. watched step up 3D today at mbo and as usual, i was really impressed, again. i really felt like moving my body when the movie was playing, damn. it was really great.

i never miss any part of the step up series. not at all. because they are really awesome.

well of course not only step up, but also other great dance movies such as stomp the yard, take the lead, save the last dance, shall we dance and so on. they are really, all great movies which make me feel like improving from time to time. i really need to improve. still a lot effort to put in. but it is ok. because the journey is always better than the destiny ♥

Thursday, August 26, 2010

2 Pcs to let go!

i bought 3 outfits days ago and only 1 of them fit me perfectly. the other 2 are too big for me! arhh~ sad :( therefore, im letting go them to people who would like to own them


Heart printed high waist short - RM25 ♥
Status: SOLD to Vivian

Pringles Tee - RM20 ♥
Status: SOLD to Erika