Friday, July 23, 2010

Choreograph my life

just a short and random post so that my blog diary is not dusty.

yes, i am going to dance back in the coming august and im pretty sure that i will be retrograded. no doubt :( joining back cherry's girl's hiphop class. is excited and happiee to the max. i am pretty sure that SPM is just around the corner. but i just cannot stand not dancing for such a long period. only 1 hour per week. i dont think that will neglect my studies right?

move on. cherry talked to me on recess today at school. discussed about a showcase we are going to take over on the 8th of august. i agreed to join her :) told mummy just now and she somehow support and asked about the price we offered to the opposite party. teehee. hope everything will proceed successfully. somemore it is the very first time taking over a showcase under our own name. weeeeeee!

by the way, on the 6th of August until the 16th of September, there will be a dance competition holding at boulevard. organised by the life event. it is the same competition we joined the previous year, which is december extravaganza. this year changed and become 1 Malaysia Boulevaganza. hahas. feel like joining so badly but because of that exam issue again!! damn. fml max of the max.

grr. that is all from me i guess. feel like dancing so badly right now. *throwing books away*


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