Friday, July 9, 2010

Bits and Pieces

im so busy recently. especially with my art project! fml. yea art project. im taking an extra subject which is art to replace my chinese :) heh! the due date is this July, which means i have to pass up everything before August. damn, im just making myself into bo-eng-ness.

and for those who had been to my blog diary, you may noticed that i changed my template again. yea, i customised it myself under blogger design. i find it super easy without any knowledge under html codes and the result was really satisfying :) well, actually i still wish to add on a header, but had no idea on the design currently.

the next thing is, my sis preloved blogshop has updated a new batch of clothes, feel free to have a look :D more dresses will be updated soon! im sorry about that but my time is really fully packed up :(

move on, a shopaholic as im, bought lotsa stuffs recently. contact lenses, hair extensions and of course clothings! muahaha. but my wallet is in ICU room now :'( poor little thingy. will update my label : sharing is sexy very soon ya >< *p/s: i changed the word 'caring' to 'sexy'. because i think it sounds nicer. sharing is sexy yo! :DD

oh ya, and for these 3 days, which is 9,10 and 11 of July, are rainforest music festival. i never been to there before. and i know that it is a great event. so i promised myself to be there next year! ♥

well, that is all from me i guess. off to bed soon. eyes are soooo heavy after art class even though took a nap just now. xoxo.

Update: Sold to Becky!
p/s: the lens i mentioned just now, which is Super Barbie Nudy Light Brown is too big for me. the diameter i mean, is 16mm. so im selling it off because i dont think i look nice on it although some of my friends said i look great with that big big eyes! lol. real big man~ im selling it at RM20 only, with the price i bought at RM38 for light brown, a really nice colour. wore it once only, which is the day i received it. pinky promise! RM20 including postage and a free lens case!


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