Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Bikini!

received my parcel today from pos express. happieeeeeee! and yeah it is a bikini, a tiered halter bikini in cream! at first i saw it from skrt selling at RM 60 without postage fee. when i wanted to place my order, it became reserved >< i was like wtf? just 1 second slow nia then it belongs to others :( sad max.

well, i emailed the seller even though i knew it was reserved. hahas. and there my luck came :)) the seller told me that their buyer wanted to sell hers because it is too small for her! muahaha. im felt super duper happy to the max and feeling lucky for the whole week. so i contact the owner who is one step faster than me, and bought the bikini for RM60 including postage! muahaha.

hehe. im loving it going to damai this coming saturday. yeappieee. i love beach!!

xoxo ^^