Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kate warehouse sale!!

Japan products, Kate and Kanebo are having warehouse sale currently. Most of the products are having great discounts! went boulevard with my family this afternoon and me and mummy bought a lots of products!

total RM200 over only for so many items.

for this 4 items, each of them only costs RM8!

as for this is having 50%!

these belong to mummy. some got discount some dont have. hers are the most expensive among all the items bought. haha.

both of these are free gifts!

as for consumers who bought RM100 and above are entitled to participate in a photography session with free make up and hair do for only RM30. so mummy asked me to join ><" cause she said its a great offer as my sis joined a similar one by shu-uemura in kl years ago.

erm, me after the hair do and make up. i dont really like it because it is far too 'old' for me >< as for hubby, he totally dislike it, to the maximum. haha. he prefer the natural me ^^

well, at first i was decided to upload the A4 photo taken there. but seems that im not with the scanner now, so, no photo uploaded.

i removed the make up a little bit because it was really over. lol. and camwhore.



  1. wow It's such a steal deal ! so worth it !!! How much is the Freshel W Cream ya ?