Saturday, June 12, 2010

和風 ♥

went spring today with mummy and two sisters. coincidently there is a japanese fair or something held in the mall. i felt really excited to see something different. and then a paper held my full attention!

yesh! try yukata for FREE!

being hiao, i took part ;) teeheee. *to be reminded that this post contains a lot of photos, if don want to see, please dont force yoursleve ><*

a pretty japanese helping me to put on the yukata i have chosen myself professionally :DD

putting on an yellow obi :)

ok then you can just camwhore using your own camera :DD

showing off my yellow obi!

dont know whose the organizer. anyway, really thanks them for letting me to have the chance to wear yukata for FREE!

with mummy and little sis :)

now it is my sis turn and i am still wearing my yukata waiting to camwhore with her.

love the japanese girl's obi. super big white bow! cute max!

another girl who was trying on a yukata too :D

hehe my sis.

people taking photos with us.

with the friendly japanese girl.

and one more try == mummy got serious shaky hand syndrome. haha. but we dint take the 3rd shot cause the girl was actually having her lunch that time. paiseh lol.

 well lastly,

promote for them! hehe. so go and try out those awesome yukata NOW before the functions end within these fews day ya.

that is all from me. this is really a tiring post. xoxo.

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