Sunday, May 23, 2010

Free freshlook lens arrived ♥

i received an envelope yesterday while i was taking a short nap before going for my tuition class. mummy woke me up before passing me a mail saying it was for me. hmm guess what was it? its from FreshLook Illuminate!

ciba vision :)

woooo~ 3 pairs for FREE!

don be curious. i will explain clearly now. haha. well, i read this super great offer weeks ago from Cheesie's blog. FreshLook Illuminate is giving out 3 days free trial of their lenses for all Malaysians! how great it is right! so, without wasting a second, i registered myself for this super duper great offer ♥

 it is a daily disposal lens which is so hygenic and easy to bring along anywhere, why? because you don't have to pack your heavy bottle of contact lens solution with you anymore. and i tried it today, it was really comfortable i swear! i don feel ichy at all!

and yes, to get this valuable offer, all you have to do is register at their website and they will deliver the 3-days-trial to your doorstep for FREE! how great! Log on now to, register to sign up for their free trial. and of course, u have to wait patiently! Promotion lasts until 16th June 2010.

Moreover, for those who sign up, we can get 30% discount voucher for 2nd box purchase and stand a chance to win RM500 + 30 days supply of FreshLook Illuminate.

so no more wasting time! go and register NOW!

xoxo ♥

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