Friday, May 28, 2010

Dance Path

i love to dance. i really love and i mean it. i enjoy when i dance, i dance when i enjoy. im happy when i dance, i dance when im happy. you get what i mean? but everything has to has its hardships. even my hobby, damn. why is it so hard for me to enjoy my hobby? why are there people who stop me when i dance? why are them so irritating. we prapared for months, we rent and paid for studio, we spent our precious time which we can actually just rest and study for our SPM. damn im so pissed off.

i guess most/all of you who know me know about what had happened recently. yeah you are right, our dance has been canceled for 3 functions. yes 3! all because of them! so its impossible for me to be calm anymore. understand? im really frustrated. really. i was upset and i cried for so many times. seriously. if you think it is just a small matter for me to cry and no you are wrong. it is a very big matter for me, because dance is a part of my life. you dont cry when your dance has been canceled or whatever because you are not really born to dance, get it? so dont say you 'like to dance' when you are not really. ok?

so please, i beg you guys, please dont waste our chance, it is our last chance, our only chance. we wont have to do this again in future, so you dont have to worry. cant you just let us? just one time? T__T i can give you anything you want if i can. i swear. FYL

and for the 'F' girl who gossip and said our bad behind us, you know who you are bitch! dont think that we dont know you are such a bitch when you act like you are not and pura-pura still so good to us ok! and dont think that you are so kesian ok? because you are totally NOT. lol. you are not the victim but we are! did your dance get canceled? NO! can you still dance next year? YES! can we? NO! so dont say we rampas your chance bitch. you are just nothing and i can say out loud YOU CANT DANCE! so please step off and dont waste our chance you bitch. damn. im really on fire when touch about this issue.

done. i don want to continue and make myself down bacause of that BITCH. lol. fml.


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