Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fui Sun's Sexy Seventeen

On the day before yesterday, which was the 16th of March was my bestie, Fui Sun's birthday. We(Joseph, teresa, shin hau and me) celebrated with her at the spring's kbox.

Our drinks and tidbits.

the 'couple'

The shy girl teresa, shin hau aka bong shi who was busy opening the box of the cake and joseph the little kid. They are all my BFF :)

While singing.

while noticed i was taking photos ==

Arranging the candles.

Chocolate with vanilla birthday cake :)

Padini handbag from us to Fui Sun^^

and a vincci apple earring :D

Took while the birthday girl was singing.

After that, we went off to secret recipe for dinner :) treated by Fui Sun the birthday girl. Thanks!

Our dinner served :)

My bolognese spegetti :)

Me! taken by joseph.

Fui Sun and teresa hand. 3 of us shared the pumpkin soup. super duper yummy!!

Joseph's lamb chop.

and his fav drinks. chocolate ice blended with cream on top. actually also my fav^^ teehee..

i really had a great time with them. It was really fun. Well, till the next time. xoxo.

p/s: there are more photos on facebook. feel free to have a look :D

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