Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New boots

yeap i bought a new pair of boots online. am loving it ♥.♥ u can found it in vivi magazine, yes u do :) teeheee^^v

cutie in the house~♥

tada~ thats all from me. damn bored now. just to update a short post so its not always negleted ><



  1. nice =) *thumbs up...
    u read vivi too ooo ^^
    btw, do u know whr i can find 'bei lei' hats??
    want them so badly TT

  2. sorry, i don really read vivi >< i prefer popteen actually =D i knew these belongs to vivi cause the seller is selling all vivi shoes ^^v i will start reading vivi since the shoes are all so nice ♥.♥

  3. eeee T.T I want tat kind of boots too..
    but I couldn't find it here...
    where u buy online neh?? =D

  4. michelle, sorry now then i saw ur comment >< u can find all sorts of shoes here~^^"