Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sexy Seventeen Part II

as i promised, this post is going to be the presiee post. and i will just let the pictures talk first.

masks and earrings from brenda

panty from ying qi

eyeshadow from wei xing

bag from joseph and shin hau

nu bra from teresa

dress from fui sun

ang paos from parents and sister

and lastly, liz lisa blossom blouse from hubby baby which was reviewed by angelababy in japan. from minimaos :) this is the one i mentioned which has not arrive my place yet. it takes 2 weeks to restock. but worth waiting. will upload the photo with me wearing it when it arrives.

more pictures of angelababy wearing it:

thats all. xoxo

All in one

Gonna squeeze all the thin and thicks happening recently here. went SG during 23rd to 27th Dec. celebrated christmas there. all i can conclude is that im really in love with SG, like seriously. shopping spree was awesome. as well as the nightlife. the people. but not the food >< bought not really a lot of stuffs, but spent hell lot. thanks to both my new sneakers and G-shock watch :) but im in love with them ♥

still got those small small things like keychains, accessories, badgets. some of them are from zoo and universal studio. no picture taken opsy.

see the slippers at the back? i mean in the third photo. its the christmas gift for the boyfriend. we saw it in an oversea online boutique last time. dint manage to buy it that time because do not know how to do the payment and stuffs. so its a suprise for him this time xD it has special design which i think is their local brand there. and and do you love my sneakers? i know you do :)

and i dyed my hair there in SG too :D platinum beige by liese bubble hair colour ♥

you might not be able to see the difference here but in real person. greet me when you meet me :D

and i have done the 7th time of my driving lesson. no idea how many more to go. but everything was good. die fire once. haiz. cannot break record liao. but im uite confident with myself. sifu said my exam is going to held on 17th of Jan next year. few more weeks to go. hope everything will be great.

well im broken. need job immediately. probably going to be a promoter with my friend at spring for some roadshow on the 31st of Dec to 2nd of Jan. 10am to 10pm. must be tiring to the maximum. but no choice. needa earn for the coming kl trip. and and, on the 31st after work, still have to go for new year countdown. what a superwoman i am!

going to end this post soon. before ending, a review for zhens-preloved. its updated! go and grab your favourite piece now! :)

so thats all for now. cant wait for my clothes to arrive!!

till then. xoxo.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My holiday

just a very random post about my holiday. many of my friends or classmates said their holiday is super bored. but i totally disagreed when they asked about mine. i have a very busy and tiring holiday. both dance classes and gym is enough tiring for me. and dont forget about the driving lesson. imagine driving lesson in the morning, gym in the afternoon, and dance practice at night. tsk tsk.

i woke up early everyday. like 7 something or 8 something? it is so not a holiday-wake-up-time :( and i am suppose to prepare for my dance rehearsal later but i am still sitting here updating my blog. guess what? our dance competition canceled at last minute. grrrr! the organiser changed the date from 1st of Jan to 15th of Jan without informing. just changed the time in the facebook event thing. so low hmm. we finished our choreograph and routine. and this is what we get. i comfort cherry as she is the most unhappy and disappointed one. as we can still use the same performance at the next competition. so yea.

skip. and i mentioned that i went to gym right? yes i joined Level Up Fitness this month. and the place is great and comfy. cant wait until it has done with the renovation and the sauna :DD and and their instructors are friendly and the group exercise classes are so fun. heehe

as for driving lesson, everything was great. i din 'die fire'. not once. hehe. i sincerely hope i can be a good driver in future. even though the boyfriend still don think im okay. hee. its because the cars are different ma! lol

besides these 3 things, i shopped and really dropped this time. i stopped spending that scary after i pokkai. really. i seriously need a job now! and yes i mean now! but of course, after im back from SG  la :) going tomorrow, morning flight. 23rd to 27th. going to celebrate christmas there woots! ♥ beside job hunting, i will also be selling off my preloved ourfits. so that no more flies will fly out from my wallet.

going for a haircut this afternoon with the boyfriend. wanted to dye my hair but yea you know, pokkai cannot. so im thinking of liese bubble hair colour which was introduced by chuckei and her sis. still considering. might go and buy for it too later. if the result is not good i will go saloon and dye agian lol. if good, i will post and share with you guys the recult here :)

well that is all for now. till 27th! Merry Christmas to you all! xoxo.

p/s: the second part of my birthday post will be postponed until im back from SG due that one of my present is not here yet.

Update: We are still joining the competition. But only 3 of us which suppose to be 4.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

2010 Xmas

its december now and christmas is just around the corner. i have totally no idea what to give to the boyfriend. im thinking of giving him a suprise as i am not around during christmas. probably a suprise present to his doorstep on 25th with someone's help or something.

well if you are wondering where im going on christmas. its Singapore. yea. 5days 4nights trips with mummy and little sis together with mum's colleagues. its a company trip. if you are in SG too on the 23rd till the 25th, tell me so we might go shopping together. haha

by the way, do you notice any difference in my diary? its the header. added a christmas theme header few days ago. its cute and pretty i think. pink and snowy white colour. perfect match. will left it there until 25th :)

erm, just a little update. got nothing else to tell. till the next time then.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sexy Seventeen Part I

Time flies. as if i just went into secondary life yesterday but im done with the spm now. i really hope everything will slow down these coming years. i seriously dont wanna grow old that fast haha. well as i promised, this post is going to be my 17th birthday celebration post. am actually going out with my bestie for shopping spree but canceled at last. dance rehearsal for coming competition rescheduled. duh~

right this is going to be quite a long post but i will shorten it or else you might get asleep. went After Four with family on the 31st of Oct. we had a very simple dinner and thats all for that night.

cake cutting and candles blowing stuffs right before i went out to celebrate with the boyfriend on 2nd of Nov.

Handsome was so excited that night, espcially when they sang birthday song for me. and he was waiting patiently for his cake.

Hang out with besties on the 29th of Oct. Had our lunch at Frenz N Family.

joseph just cant help busying with his new bb.

my spegetti. cant really recall back what type was is. probably seafood spegetti yum!

fuisun recommended chocolate lava and it was great.

covered up everything in just a short while.

went one jaya which is just next to our building for present choosing time. hehe

three of ur girls bought quite lotsa stuffs there. i love one jaya. i have no idea. i just love it.

went kbox after that.

woots my hair is long now! happiee~

thats all with friends and family.

celebrated with hubby right on the 2nd of Nov at Carvery. that place was introduced and recommended by the boyfriend.

Carvery is really a great and comfortable place for a perfect duet dinner. giggles* It provides both Ala Carte and Buffet. We had buffet for RM48 each person. The special thing there is that they have their waiter serving all 14 types of meats to your table one by one to try on. after all those 14 types are served, u can request for the particular one u love and just eat until u burst.

they also have light mean bar and salad bar especially for those who can really take a lot of food. we only had a little salad and healthy tomatos thats all. a bit will do cause i still need spaces for the coming meats!

not to forget Baguette as well. and butter of course. it has became my new favourite food even though it is just a very simple bread.

and then they started serving us our 14 types of meat. i cant recall them one by one of course.

i have to admit that their service is really great. and i cant help loving the unique way they deliver the meat.

till then. xoxo

To be continue...

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sayonara freakin SPM

hey peeps, im back! from that blardy spm wtf. i was like a zombie during exam weeks. bad hair day everyday, panda eyes, bad skin, pimples popping, no dressing up shopping and stuffs. and i forbid myself to access facebook too. at first no peepo believe i can stand for like maybe 2 or 3 days? but they are all wrong. muahaha. i dint play for 2 weeks. and yes, its bloody hell 2 WEEKS! lol.

ive got so a lot to update in my dusty diary here. about dance, trips, shopping, plans after exam and so on. caught up with my favourite blogger's posts last night. 'tempting'. gonna shop like i never shop before! grrrrr. me and my bestie plans our schedule dy. before spm even started zz. gym, yoga class blablabla. gonna have a suprise for you guys soon. smile*

continued my dance class this month. going to take part in a dance competition on the first of January 2011. wootss excited max.

right im going out soon. till then. xoxo.

p/s: will update bout my birthday post soon.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Parrisian Messy Hair Bun

Just a very short but quite interesting update. Saw this post by Liz from Indo and im so gonna share it here. Other hair style that i very fond of is Parrisian Messy Hair Bun. Dont you envy seeing this?

Step #1: Make your hair dirty. “I wash my hair only once a week,” admits C. “When your hair is too clean, it won’t stay put.”
Step #2: Next, pull together your hair and hold it straight up (“like Lucky Troll Doll,” she laughs).
Step #3: Then twist your hair down to a few inches above the crown.
Step #4: Wrap your hair around itself until it forms a loose bun, right on top of your head.
Step #5: Pin the bun in place with bobby pins. “Anywhere from four to eight, depending on how thick your hair is,” C. says. “You want it loose but secure.”
Step #6: Finally, pull loose strands of hair from the nape of your neck and around your face to make it look like you’ve worn the bun all day (or even slept in it!) And there you have it: That certain je ne sais quoi.

Thats all hope u like it. xoxo ♥

Photo by Anna

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010

27102010 Graduation Day

That was our school graduation and prize giving day and we were asked to perform for the very first time. But also the very last time. i was suppose to upload the video in facebook but it need me 4 hours to complete the whole process so i ended giving up. lol. but sure will upload it somehow. yea.

the girls

the team

once i uploaded the video. i will also upload it here so stay tune.


p/s: I received my Puffy Lab tee days ago. wore it to my tuition just now. will upload the photos soon as it was being requested by Puffy Lab :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Check list after SPM

i cant believe im doing this >< dreaming all about what im going to do after my spm while im still not yet done even with my mock. lol

1. get my hair dyed. (together with mr.boyfriend) we are going to dye the same colour. teehee ♥
2. eyebrow trimmed
3. nail art
4. shop like i never shop before
5. hunt for high dunk kicks in SG during my christmas trip with mummy and little sis
6. oh ya get my driving lesson and lisence both done!
7. and its time to find some part time job
8. save money for the next trip to KL with hubb n friends
9. headache for what course to take for college on march
10. get to know new friends and there my new life starts ♥

yeah i know im lame. haha. aite thats all for now.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Group Photo

Here is the group photo of shark gangz, vanity crew and alienz which was taken by Micklong.

spot me? well if you are wondering who alienz is? its me, eugenie and anna. lolol. well it was eugenie's idea and it was just for fun actually. because we dont break and we do not belongs to either of them so yea. haha. but i miss power moves, seriously T.T well stay tune for my single shot which is still with Mick. will update it here once i received it :)


Friday, October 8, 2010

Puffy Lab is Love

Hey peeps! Have you heard of Puffy Lab? Saw it in Veron blog few days ago and im going to share about it because it seems to be an awesome new 'Puffy' ♥

Puffy Lab does not sell puffy. But local designers' tees. And if you are designers, you can try your luck and submit your design to and earn up to RM500!

Besides, Puffy Lab is also launching an event where peepo who sign up can get to win a FREE launch tee worth RM45. Invites your friends too!

15 invites get you a Awesome Red launch tee

50 invites get you a Ocean Blue launch tee and VIP status (5% discount off on items for 6months) 

250 invites get you a Ocean Blue launch tee and SVIP status (10% discount off on items for 6months) 

For most invites, you are entitled to win an Ultimate Mystery! 
Top referrer on the Leaderboard + 1extra selling tee + SVIP status for 6months (how it look like,try to get it then) 

So no more waiting and sign up now!

♥ Sign up here
♥ Join Puffy Lab facebook fan page
♥ Promote it to everyone through facebook, twitter and blog!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bits and Pieces II

Actually i wrote this post 2 days ago. but i dint notice that the windows im writing was disconnected or something and everything just went poof! gone when i published. and then i was shocked to see my new post with empty content == lol

so, i will have to recall whatever i wrote that time. but definitely will be lesser. i mentioned that it is SPM mock right now and im still here writing this useless post. yea. you can see how lazy im. besides, im kinda depressed on myself lately. its about dance, again is it?

i went early to my dance class last saturday because i was absent from my tuition. and that is why i manage to went early and join the warm up exercise on time. but unfortunately im not as flexible as i used to be. that is really a sad thing to me. and im having inner pain or whatever until now.

besides, i also did not feel well that night and i had no idea what happened. my face turned so pale and i went out of energy. but i still managed to hold on until the class ended. and yea, two sad things.

how am i gonna do well if i let these useless stuffs continue!? gah! i just cant let this continue. and so, im planning for gym right after my SPM. luckily there are friends who want to join and accompany me. hees.

well, thats all. off to bed and revision at starbucks tomorrow.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bio-essence Freebie

Go and grab your Nourishing Sleeping Mask FREE sample right now because it only last for 3 days only which is from the 1st of Oct until the 3rd.

No more waiting. Complete the form and submit and that is all you need to do :D

xoxo :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tboox Station

Hey peeps, i received a mystery gift last week.

It was stated fragile? hmm. wondering what would it be if it is fragile.

even Mr.Handsome was curious about it.

It was Nike Recycled Beach XL Tote from Tboox!! I just ♥ it so much!! It is huge and convenience that i can just bring along whatever i want. For example, i used it when i went to my dance lesson last week and i put 3 can can hats into it and yet it still has very large space to be filled. like seriously! lol. love it? fear not, you can still have it now at only RM85 which used to be RM99. You are saving RM14!!

Tboox is an unique online gift store based in Malaysia and running in business since July 2009. They offer hundreds of unique gifts designed exclusively for their customers. Customers’ satisfaction is their top priority. They will ensure their customers are satisfied with their products and services by implemented their slogan “We deliver We Care”.

Besides Original Nike, they also provides wall decals which turn your room into a paradise, personalized gifts for your love ones, creative living's which you can find nowhere.

By the way, they are having a contest right now, which is entitled 'What is the best gift idea for your loved one?'

Here are the rules:
1.Share with them what is your best gift idea at Tboox Facebook Wall Post.
2.The top 3 creative gift idea winners stand a chance to win Doughnut Cushion plus mystery gift you will get surprise.
3.The most creative gift ideas with most “likes” stand a chance to win their Grand Prize – Nike Backpack.
4.Submit your Full Name, Email and Website(optional) to with subject “Best Gift Idea Contest”.

Total 4 winners will be selected.
Contest ends on 10th October 2010 and they’ll announce the winner the next day!

For more information, contact them at:

That is all from me. Hope you can find the right gifts for your love ones here at Tboox. xoxo.